This site is no longer maintained.
Last updated on July 26, 2003 by Michael Muldoon,KE0BX
There is still a lot of valuable information here
and we felt it should be kept available to all visitors.


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We hope you find the information we provide here useful, or at least entertaining!!! If you find any bad links please send an email to "dave dot helton at hughesnt dot com" to let me know so I can fix them.  As always, please feel free to let us know your thoughts on our site and what we are trying to do by signing our "Guest Book"
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Home Page (7/26/03)
aprs pages updated!
Direct access to the MidWest javAPRS Map Page. The intro pages start with some well written introductions by Arte Booten, N2ZRC. Check here for the latest news as gleaned from TAPR APRS Sig.
seits vrs dissolves
It appears that the SEITS Voice Repeater System (VRS) is now a thing of the past. In a recent email exchange with WB0VHB I found out that he has sold the equipment of the 145.29 repeater in Winfield. Also, the coax for the hub repeater is disconnected at the antenna end and damaged. The Ft. Madison link was never finished, the Fairfield repeater has not been on the air in several years, and the Lancaster repeater lost it's site. The Muscatine/Quad Cities link MAY still work, as well as the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/Waterloo link. However I have no information on this.

So as you visit the VRS page remember this is as it WAS at one time and mourn the passing.

ottumwa gets new links
The 145.41 KE0BX repeater in Ottumwa is now on EchoLink on a part-time basis. Due to some conflicts with other radios at the site this may not be on at all times. The EchoLink code is 13213.

Also, the 444.850 repeater in Ottumwa is linked full time to the Central Iowa Storm Spotters Network. For a map and information on this and other systems used by NWS - Des Moines go to Des Moines NWS SkyWarn page.

newsletter page
I had gotten behind on updating our Newsletter Page.  Hopefully I won't let it get that far behind again, but in the meantime here is everything up through the latest issue.

email reflector
Our list server is a forum for the exchange of information, between members and non-members alike. You can name it anything you want, but in the body of the message send "subscribe seits". The process is no longer automated, so give me a little time to add you to our list. Then YOU can send messages to the SEITS group.
[webmaster: This list is closed at this time.]

hamfest flyers
This page is WAY out of date. As I get new info in on upcoming hamfest, I will get this page updated!!

repeater page
We have been hot on the trail of more repeater mods and sources for you.  Our Repeater Page lists several new sources for information. 

where is it?
Wonder where that new rig is? Did you something and wonder if they got it? If you sent it via UPS you can find it on the UPS Package Tracker

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