February 13, 1998

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Where we have been....

SEITS has helped support many new projects and it's members can be proud of the tradition we have established. Among the accomplishments of the group are: 

  1. 1. Replacement of the defective antenna on the 147.39 repeater in Mt. Pleasant by SEITS with a Hustler G-7. 
  2. 2. Addition of the 145.33 repeater in Lancaster, Missouri to the Link. The link radio was donated by SEITS. (KE0MI) 
  3. 3. Addition of the 146.76 repeater in East Moline, Illinois, to the Link. UHF link radio donated by SEITS. (K9JL and W9WXR(SK)) 
  4. 4. Replacement of the lightning damaged UHF link radio on the 145.17 (now on 145.37) repeater in Muscatine, Iowa, by SEITS. (WA0AUQ
  5. 5. Upgrading the 145.29 repeater in Winfield, Iowa, from a split site local machine to a single site wide area coverage one. (WA0AUQ and WB0VHB
  6. 6. Replacement of the original long distance link from East Moline to Winfield with a simplex link to Muscatine. (WA0AUQ and K9JL) 
  7. 7. N0ONV BBS in Washington. Originally started on a loaner machine from W0IUQ, this BBS ties the entire eastern side of the state of Iowa together for forwarding. (N0ONV
  8. 8. Development and installation on the 146.76 repeater in East Moline of a new microprocessor repeater controller. (K9JL) 
  9. 9. A new hub repeater designed and built by WA0AUQ to replace the Mt. Pleasant 444.95 machine, which was lost to the system due to site difficulties. 
  10. 10. Purchase and construction of 9600 baud modems for path development. SEITS now owns two 9600 nodes which are loaned to test high speed packet paths (WA0AUQ) 
  11. 11. Addition of 9600 forwarding to the OLRG/SEITS HEARTLAND BBS (OTMBBS) in Ottumwa. (KE0BX)
  12. 12. Activation of new 145.47 repeater in Iowa City, and linking from there to existing repeaters in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. Includes research, development, and construction of VHF duplexers by the Iowa City group. (LARGE group including K0VM, KE0BX, N0LBG, N0RXD, WA0AUQ, WA0INC, and others) 
  13. 13. New BBS in Centerville, Iowa, serving that area and also providing BBS traffic connection to KG0SE (formerly N9HVT) BBS in Creston and the Missouri packet network. (N0ZAK)
  14. 14. New Simplex Port to the Link in Mt. Pleasant. (WA0AUQ and WB0VHB) 
  15. 15. New repeater on the Link in Burlington on 147.360. (WA6GUF
  16. 16. New repeater on the Link in Fairfield on 147.120 using a modified RC-1000 controller kit developed by WA0INC. (K0TE(ex-N0MQC) and KB0CFD) 
  17. 17. Total replacement of the repeater in Ottumwa on 145.410 also using the modified RC-1000 controller. (KE0BX) 
  18. 18. Replacement of the controller on the Lancaster Mo. repeater using the modified RC-1000 controller. (KE0BX) 
  19. 19. The introduction of the SEITS KITS beginning with a voice bandwidth graphic equalizer, ideal for balancing audio on a repeater. (WA0AUQ and K9JL) 
  20. 20. Development of the World Wide Web site on the Internet. (KD0YU and KE0BX) 
  21. 21. Introduction of the SEITS List Server (Mail Reflector) for discussion of our work. (KD0YU) 
  22. 22. Many hours dedicated by various members to help their fellow hams, from WA0AUQ's help using his test equipment to many with good computer experience. 
And thanks to all who I forgot to mention!! And MORE!! Many of these projects were done completely (and paid for) by the individuals involved. All were aimed at the common goal of improving our region's packet and voice repeater communications as originally planned by SEITS. 
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