February 13, 1998

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One of SEITS original goals was to eliminate or at least greatly reduce the BBS forwarding on VHF frequencies. This is being done with a regional packet backbone running at 9600 baud on 70 centimeters. Although we have converted the core of our area to this system, we still have work to do. It is also looking like time to start investigating the next step. SEITS members have been involved with experiments ranging from higher speed backbones to intergrating use of the Internet and fiber optic networks to move the mail.

The SEITS KITS line has proven to be very popular, and there are more kits on the way. Thanks to work by WA0AUQ, KD0YU, K9JL, WA6GUF, W0GWK, and others, there is now a modulation meter/service monitor and other projects under development for SEITS KITS. SEITS is also taking a part in two projects involving the Iowa Fiberoptics Network. The first is the use of the glass for high speed packet connections. The pilot project involves a link over the fiber from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines to Ottumwa. Al Groff, K0VM, was instrumental in getting the prototype and first section of this up and running. 

The second phase is a project to use the fiber to tie repeaters together into a larger version of our own Link. SEITS members have been contacted in reference to our experience in controlling these types of tie-ins, with a lot of research already done by WA0AUQ and KD0YU. 

SEITS has been and continues to be a pacesetter in ham radio in the region. The Voice Repeater System and the cooperation on packet issues has helped to show that we are part of a larger world. You do not have to be a member of SEITS to take advantage of all the things SEITS help provide. With your help and participation, we can undertake more projects of interest to the hams of the region. SEITS can offer a forum and gathering place for technical assistance and exchange. Thus we can share our knowledge, and not have to reinvent the wheel when tackling new projects. By not working in isolation, equipment could be traded, technical information exchanged, and standards set that all can live with in this ever changing world of amateur radio. 

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