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June 9, 1999

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  We are proud to bring you each and every newsletter as they are sent to our members every month!! We have every issue since December 1996 online, and will add the years from the past until we get it all on here!! 

We will start with the table of contents on this page, but as we expand this service we will post each year separately.  You will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.  Also, some articles are published in HTML format elsewhere on this site, such as many of the repeater, reference, and construction articles.  I have included links to them.

We are also keeping the separate Presidential Notes page active until we get all of the newsletter online. Once we have this page up to date, we will delete the seperate page. 

past years



this year
January 1999
  • A Call to Arms by new President Michael Muldoon, KE0BX - Outlines the goals of this administration for the group.
  • The NOS Box by Mark Atherton, N0RXD - An introduction to NOS.
February 1999
  • 1999 Meeting Calendar - Sec./Treas. Mary Beth Penne, N0IJP, announces the meeting schedule for the year.  Now you do NOT have an excuse!
  • Operating on Standby by Jerry Cooper, WB0PLZ - Jerry tells and shows us his backup generator system for his home.
  • The NOS Box by Mark Atherton - Mark takes a look inside the system.
  • A CW IDer by Frank Apple, W0GWK - Frank's first prototype of a single charater IDer for the Linked VRS. 
March 1999
  • SUNSAT launch announcement.
  • The NOS Box by Mark Atherton - Mark describes the various NOS packages available.
  • Promoting Amateur Radio Through Schools - by Michael Muldoon and the SEITS Mail List - Thanks to a question from the mail list, Fred Haberer, N0VXY, takes us on a tour of KB0SAL, the club station of the WACO High School Amateur Radio Club.
  • Satellite Elements for all main satelittes of Amateur Radio concern.
April 1999
  • Last Call for 1999 Dues.
  • Davenport Hamfest Update - Rumors are the annual February event may be moving... in both time and space!!
  • The NOS Box by Mark Atherton, N0RXD - A look at the hotest Windows 9x competitor out there... LINUX!  And it's free too!!
  • FCC Says Reciprocal License Now "Paperless".
  • Space News - Another astronaut gets his ticket and the TNC on MIR is repeaired.
May 1999
  • Hams Help in Tragedy's Wake - Amateur operators always seem to be there when needed, even at Littleton, CO.
  • The Capacitive Battery Charger forwarded by Jeff Voelkers, KB0GKN - Is it real?
  • Weather Watch Update - News from Bill Hays, W0OMV on some of the happe
June 1999
  • The NOS Box by Mark Atherton - Mark has a new toy.. and it works with Linux!
  • Field Day 1999 - We give you a listing of area Field Day activities.
  • News in Brief - A quick look at other happenings in the area.
July and August 1999 electronic files lost due to computer crash. We will attempt to get them here soon!!

September 1999
  • The 18th Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference set for September.
  • APRS Now on SEITS Website - Michael Muldoon, KE0BX.
  • ARISS Antennas Headed for Pre-Flight Processing - another step closer to getting ham radio on the International Space Station.
  • Phase 3D Completes Vibration Testing - Ham radios newest satellite readies for launch.
October 1999
  • Linked Repeater ID Boards Ready - thanks to hard work by Frank Apple, W0GWK, and Jerry Cooper, WB0PLZ, the first of the link ID boards are completed.
  • ARISS Initial Hardware Flight Delayed - courtesy of the grounding of all shuttles.
November 1999
  • SEITS Link Down - Repeater system is down due to equipment troubles.
  • Area News - Includes news on the Davenport Hamfest 2000, a new UHF repeater for the Quad Cities with a 6 meter port.
  • November Sweepstakes Logging Program 2.5 - Michael Muldoon, KE0BX. Just in time for the November Sweepstakes here is a review of a good logging program for the "Sweeps".
December 1999
  • Link System Back On the Air - thanks to hard work by David Metz, WA0AUQ, and Randy Nelson, WB0VHB.
  • Amatuer Restructuring Details Possible by Year's End - Hopefully answers to the 1998 Biennial Review.... just in time for the next one!!
  • Hams Get to Help NASA with Experiment - NASA is looking for data from PEST launch.

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