April 2, 2000

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Many of us have used Micors in the past here at SEITS, although most of us are switching to Mitreks.  However, we realize that many still do Micors, so we will add to this page anytime we have good info to pass on.
  • Micor Model Numbers It helps to know what you are dealing with when looking at any radio.  Here is a breakdown of those cryptic model numbers.
  • Motorola Micor HIgh Band to 220Mhz Conversion This conversion also requires changing some parts values. Included is some NEW INFO from Kevin Custer, W3KKC, on improved sensitivity using a different receiver mod. You can also get this info and a ton more from the Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page.

  • parts and radios
    C.W. Wolfe is an excellent source for all things Micor: control heads, boards, etc.  They are probably a little more expensive than your neighborhood hamfest, but they definately have the stuff, and the hamfest don't always!!

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