February 13, 1998

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Motorola's typical combo scheme is as follows: 

T73RTN is a 150Mhz MICOR BUT there are some cavets! 

The "T" stands for Trunck Mounted Unit. 

The "7" is the TX power output position. A 7 here means a 100watt mobile. The number can range from 0 to 9 although it is rare to see anything below a 1 or 2 here. The 6 is a 60-75 watt model. 

The "3" is the band range position. BUT it is VERY broad... 

  • 1= 30-50 Mhz (but there are THREE splits in here!)
  • 2= 72-88 Mhz (midband..rare to find in US but they are there)
  • 3= 136-174 Mhz (TWO Splits...136-150 and 150-174..usually EITHER one can be used for 2mtrs)
  • 4= 420-470 or even 512 Mhz! (Again a few SPLIT ranges in this area)
You have to really look inside the radio to see what frequencys the channel elements are on OR look at the model number on the EXCITER and RECEIVER boards themselves to get the actual range split. 
Michael Muldoon, KE0BX

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