By David Metz WA0AUQ

The Motorola Mitrek series radios are very desirable for building repeaters, link radios and high speed packet data radios. The UHF Mitrek is the best 9600 baud packet radio we have found.

Motorola Mitrek radios can be identified by two numbers. One is the FCC required transmitter ID on the builders plate. It is the top number on the plate. This is a long number that tells the BAND, POWER and SQUELCH system that the radio uses. Only the first two digits (T43, T44) are really important.

The second number is the chassis number. It tells you the band and sub band (range) of the radio. Note: the "range" of the radio is important! The radios DO NOT tune outside their range. You find the chassis number stamped in black ink just inside the radio on the top of the metal case rim by the latching handle (front & center).


T43 = 40 watt
T53 = 60 watt
T63 = 75 watt
T83 = 110 watt


HUD1001B = 136 - 146 Mhz (40 watt)
HUD1002B = 146 - 174 Mhz (40 watt)
HUD1011B = 136 - 146 Mhz (60 watt)
HUD1012B = 146 - 174 Mhz (60 watt)
HUD1031B = 136 - 146 Mhz (75/110 watt)
HUD1032B = 146 - 174 Mhz (75/110 watt)

Note that the 75 and 110 watt chassis are the same. Only the setting of the power output control is different. Most of these you will find are the 146 to 174 range models.


T34 = 30 watt
T44 = 50 watt
T64 = 75 watt
T74 = 100 watt


HUE1001B = 406 - 420 Mhz (30 watt)
*HUE1002B = 450 - 470 Mhz (30 watt)
HUE1147A = 470 - 512 Mhz (30 watt)
HUE1011B = 406 - 420 Mhz (50 watt)
*HUE1012B = 450 - 470 Mhz (50 watt)
HUE1153A = 470 - 512 Mhz (50 watt)
*HUE1032B = 450 - 470 Mhz (75/100 watt)
HUE1033B = 470 - 494 Mhz (75/100 watt)

* Good chassis!

For Amateur radio purposes we are only interested in the 450 to 470 Mhz range radios. The 406-420 and 470-512 radios are next to worthless. The transmitter PA stage can not be tuned to the ham band. Nor will the helical resonators in the receiver tune the ham band. They are good for parts! If you get them really cheap as in under $10 each. Then only buy one!

Prices: At hamfests I have seen good Mitreks sell for $5 (as is VHF 50 watt no channel elements) to as high as $100 (UHF 100 watt with elements).

Try to get radios with the channel elements in them. These are little flat plug in aluminum modules that have the crystal and local oscillator circuit in them. The transmitter and receiver elements are different. The crystals are worthless, but the elements are worth $10 each surplus! So be sure to try to grab a radio with the elements in it!

Try to get the power plug for the front of the radio. This is a "must have" item. It will be connected to a long heavy cable that went to the original control head for the radio. The head and cable are just about worthless, but take them if you have to to get the power plug. If their are no plugs (common problem) a surplus one will cost you $5 to $10.

PL and DPL boards are also desirable. They plug into the radio chassis upside down. There are two kinds of PL board, the old reed or vibrasponder type and the newer programmable one. The reed type used a plug in module that looks like a little box. Avoid it if possible. The programmable version used a flat "comb" that looks like ceramic SIP.

David Metz, WA0AUQ

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