April 2, 2000

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info, mods, and tips

We have been collecting data on anything having to do with repeaters for quite a while. Our group has worked with many brands and models of radios. For most repeater applications we have have found the Motorola Mitrek to be an excellent radio. Here we try to share what we have learned, and give you a look at other sources for more information on all commercial conversions.
radio modification
  • Motorola Mitrek Repeater Mods We have several different types of repeaters in our system, but many of us are using converted Motorola Mitrek mobile radios. We have found them to be excellent radios for this kind of service. Consequently, we have gathered a lot of information on them. Check out our special Mitrek page for more information.
  • Motorola Micor Repeater ModsWe are beginning to gather Micor information. So far we have a Micor conversion to 220 and help with Micor model numbers. We also have some information on converting a low band Micor to 6 meters.
  • General Electric Repeater ModsThe Mastr II and Mastr Exec II series of GE radios has been a favorite of many for years for conversion to ham band repeaters. Although not many in our outfit use them, we have been gathering info for the rest of you to use! Try our GE page for some ideas on using these units.
  • Vertex mods which allow external controllers to be used with this line.

other mod sites
  • The Amatuer Repeater Builders Home Page is good source for conversion information. This site's main strength is the wealth of information on GE equipment. This info includes the MVP and Mastr Exec series in addition to the more common Mastr II radios.
  • BatLabs is a Motorola only site with information about all (or close enough!!) models the company has ever made!
  • Repeater Builders Technical Information Page is a great source for information on repeaters. Kevin's site deals mainly with Motorola Micor and GE Mastr II modification, but includes a wealth of information on all things related to repeaters. This is also the new home of the How to Convert a Mastr II page!

No matter how you plan to put your repeater together, you are going to need to come up with parts and equipment. Here is some help in finding (or building) what you need.
One of the main chores is getting your repeater coordinated. Contact your local coordination council for details in your area. Also, let me know of any I have missed and we'll post them here.
tuneup and maintenance
Here are several articles to help get that repeater up and running:
  • FM Radio Tuneup Guide, Part 1 Contains a lot of good info to help those of us with less than perfect test equipment get things going. 
  • FM Radio Tuneup Guide, Part 2 Even more helpful hints. 
  • Tuneup, Part 3 starts by looking at the bad old days, then looks at FM omni-directional antennas, with an emphasis on repeater duty. 
  • Tuneup, Part 4 continues on by looking at feedlines: good, bad, and cheap. And the answers may surprise you. Also a close look at connectors. 

other repeater systems
Since one of the major reasons for SEITS existence is our Linked Voice Repeater System, it is only natural that we are curious as to other such systems. Here is a list of other sites built by individuals and clubs that talk about thir repeaters, including, sometimes, their mods and tips. The list includes both single repeaters and linked systems
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